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   The Massage Therapists

Uniquely tailored therapies which promote health and wellbeing.


I would highly recommend using The Massage Therapists. I first started going last October with a shoulder and neck problem, the pain was really quite bad at times and often had to take painkillers.

I had two or three weekly appointments to begin, followed by fortnightly, now reduced to once a month - and I'm pain free! They provide a friendly and professional service at every visit.


After suffering a fall, in which I hurt my back, a friend recommended The Massage Therapists to me. I was a bit skeptical at first however thought I've nothing to lose. They conducted a very thorough consultation and immediately I felt in safe hands. Even after my first treatment I could really feel a difference in my back. I now go back for regular massage and can't thank them enough for helping ease my back pain.


Having only ever heard of Reiki, I was a bit curious to see what it was / what it felt like and I can honestly say, after having a treatment I found I had the best night’s sleep in months. Unlike massage, the therapist simply puts their hands on various positions on the body very lightly and lets the energy flow to where it is needed most, it was like little hot water bottles. I felt well rested and very relaxed afterwards and would advise anyone who is having difficulty sleeping to try this treatment.